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Fund Management

Sharing our Knowledge

Providing capital as a partner in investments, Tong Investments offers a wide range of benefits. We take up seats on the vast majority of funds in which we invest, and as such
we offer insight and informed guidance to ensure profitability. We collaborate
with fund managers and coordinate direction in buyouts, private equity markets
and credit, with our team dedicated to building long-term relationships for
future cooperation.

Partnering with Fund Managers

We partner with fund managers who have demonstrated their ability to deliver results through their previous experience and successes. We require fund managers to show that
have comprehensive knowledge of the industry and experience working across all
investment classes, with particular evaluation of their previous dealings. Tong
Investments looks to work with fund managers who have created significant
returns and adhere to our principles of responsibility, transparency and
honesty. We have included many fund managers in our arrangements and have
established extensive criteria for their suitability to our firm. Tong
Investments looks to work with only the best talent with a proven track record.

Investment Focus

With a wide range of investment interest areas, Tong Investments focuses on, amongst others, buyouts, early-stage and established equity investments, asset funds and real estate. Through our identification of potential in these areas, Tong Investment’s focus is on developing value through intelligent investments.

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