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Institutional Investment

At Tong Investments, we provide an objective and extensive institutional investment service through comprehensive strategies. Our ability to facilitate institutional investments through our access to international-scale entities via our network of partners is demonstrated by our success in securing over 3,600 acquisitions for our clients to date.

We are committed to delivering research-driven institutional investment strategies, specifically tailored to the transaction and its accompanying conditions, which secure long-term growth and value. We use our ability to identify and execute complex investments and advise clients from strategy development through to exit plans and secondary actions.

Every investment plan at Tong Investments is created to fulfill specific individual client objectives. Our primary goal is to deliver a customized service by focusing on each transaction with scrutiny of details and future planning, incorporating probable future market shifts and risks. We believe that securing positive long-term performance of an investment is only made possible by meticulous planning and intelligent interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative factors. Our experienced team of professionals provides clients with comprehensive strategies to integrate their existing interests with future transactions, based upon our quality research, analysis and client understanding.

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