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Investment Partnership

Tong Investments not only provides dependable and direct capital to individuals seeking co-investors, should our criteria be satisfied, but also has the ability to leverage its market position, size of scale, instruments for research and analysis, industry knowledge and network to respond to opportunities efficiently. Through our investment evaluation focus on scrutiny of risk levels and potential for success, when co-investing with Tong Investments, partners receive more than capital.

Working alongside Tong Investments as a co-investor, our partners receive access to and benefit from our professional team of strategists, planners and analysts, who provide guidance and actionable information from pre-investment stage through to exit strategy. Tong Investment’s researchers and analysts look at investments objectively and assess potential through scrutinizing market conditions, economic volatility, cash flow, business model and structure, amongst other hard data.

Investment vehicles that do meet our criteria and receive our capital benefit from Tong Investments through growth support, our network of partners, knowledge and expertise. By means of our global reach and institutionalized industry knowledge, we look to mature our investment by supporting the company and providing guidance to help companies expand into their potential.


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