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Investment Structures

An Internationally Reputed Financial Service

Carrying a reputation of international excellence, Tong Investments has developed into a leader in financial market investing, providing our clients with innovative and intelligent solutions. With our network of experienced and knowledgeable agents, and with our established system of research, analysis and identification of investments, we efficiently manage more than $1.5 billion.

With our primary focus on equity markets and investments in private companies, Tong Investments has a proud tradition of success, using sophisticated evaluations and innovative identification techniques to establish investment opportunities with high-growth potential, enabling us to deliver our clients intelligent financial solutions. Our unique approach allows us to deliver our clients actionable information enabling them to make confident and informed decisions.

Planning for Future Success                

Operating in private markets, Tong Investments
looks to secure long-term financial stability and a steady stream of income for
our clients. Whilst looking to create strategies for accelerated growth, our
specialist team of planners and advisers primarily seek to identify investments
with long-term potential for sustainable growth. Through services such as diversification
of portfolios and investment assessments, Tong Investments plans for the future
of our clients, focusing on a range of opportunities throughout international
private equity markets.

Intelligent Portfolio Management

Tong Investment’s success is derived from our ability to build portfolios with diversity and consideration of existing financial holdings. Integrating current and new investments requires intricate knowledge of both the market and client position. Our team, subsequent
to studying a client’s existing investments, incorporates market analysis,
supply and demand trends and economic conditions into strategies. Tong
Investment’s team of professionals with experience in financial markets builds
a personal working relationship with clients and examines their position,
enabling Tong Investments to better identify complimentary investments which
strengthen client portfolios.

Liquidity Management         

Offering liquidity solutions for over 7 years, Tong Investments has accrued successful experience in preserving capital and maintaining liquidity effectively. Working to reduce liquidity risk exposure, our advisors leverage information from our industry partners to offer clients advice and guidance.

We help our clients in reaching equilibrium between their investments and liquidity
requirements by developing financial strategies through our market
understanding and analysis, and through understanding your position. Our
strategies are individually designed to incorporate existing financial
interests and portfolios into future planning for maintaining sufficient liquidity.

Effective liquidity management is essential to maintaining the viability of portfolios, especially during times of economic and market volatility. Finding the correct balance between investment holdings and cash is crucial to a securing a strong position. At Tong Investments, our strategies for maintaining liquidity range from short-duration investments and securing core cash flows to strategic cash options.

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