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Our Team

With experienced teams located around the globe in diverse regional markets across all asset classes, Tong Investments offers investors unique and knowledgeable guidance, enabling clients to make informed decisions. 

With access to investment vehicles around
the world, we provide clients with in-depth analysis on market and economic
environments, as well as detailed information on the state of certain
investment subjects.

Through our exhaustive evaluation of prospective investments, and through our understanding of clients’ financial positions, we are able to assess the viability of an
investment in regards to its level of potential, existing interests of clients
and market performance, both current and projected.
Our extensive regional market analysis examines factors such as consumer trends, government laws, industry regulations and market volatility when considering viability. 

On the investment, we focus on assessing business model, potential for growth, current and projected cash flow, profitability, earnings and products/services offered.

Investing in private markets can be a daunting task. But through Tong Investment’s professional and knowledgeable team, we offer clients unique insight and extensive assessment.

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