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Privacy Policy

Our commitment and dedication to securing your information and respecting your privacy is fundamental to our operations. Client confidentiality is a priority, and as such, we have established a sophisticated system to protect your data.

To safeguard your information, Tong Investment’s regulations dictate that no information gathered from you will be passed on to third parties, with the exception of being compelled to by law. We also protect your information through our specialized and purpose-built software, which has complex encryption algorithms developed by a leading data protection company we commission to ensure security. We constantly review and update our system to ensure maximum efficiency and security. We also comply with all industry regulations and uphold the strictest business ethics concerning the privacy of your information.

Tong Investments gathers non-personal information from clients from:

  • Correspondences such as emails, phone calls and general conversations
  • Past transactions
  • Membership forms
  • Web browser cookies

Tong Investments uses cookies to collect demographic and preferences data to enhance our service and your experience with us. By collecting this data, we are able to better understand our market from a client perspective. Cookies are also used to save your preferences when using our website. However, if you are uncomfortable with this, cookies can be disabled in your internet options.

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