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Senior Management


Chief Executive Officer

Alan Murdoch became Chief Executive Officer of Tong Investments in 2018, having previously been the head of Tong Investment’s Financial Planning unit, where he enjoyed five very successful years. His time as Head of Financial Planning is distinguished by excellent revenue growth, streamlining and increased levels of client satisfaction, and a level of excellence he has now brought to the wider Tong Investments family.

Prior to joining Tong Investments, Alan worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland for twelve
years and held several managerial roles in several fields, including fixed
income, commodities and corporate finance.

Mr. Murdoch holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Edinburgh
and a Masters degree in finance from the University of Dundee.


Chief Investment Officer

Jessica Zhou has been Tong Investment’s Chief Investment Officer since 2015. Her responsibilities include developing investment policy and overseeing portfolio development and management. Jessica is responsible for overseeing the investment management functions of all of Tong Investment’s portfolio managers. She is also the chairperson of Tong Investment’s Investment Committee.

Before joining Tong Investments, Ms. Zhou worked for a private Hong Kong trust company
for ten years in several investment related roles, including private equity,
real estate and global equity markets.

Ms. Zhou holds a BBA from the University of Hong Kong and her MBA in Finance is
from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Chief Fiduciary Officer

Charles Yan has acted as Tong Investment’s Chief Fiduciary Officer since 2014. He is also Tong Investment’s Head of Estate & Trust Planning, a role he has held since 2017. Charles has oversight over product development and management, procedures, policies and as head of Estate & Trust Planning, over philanthropic and fiduciary services to private clients.

Before joining Tong Investments full time to become Chief Fiduciary Officer, Mr. Yan
practiced law privately in Taiwan, where in addition to Tong Investments,
his clients included HSBC, Barclay’s Bank and Morgan Stanley, amongst others.

Charles Yan holds a JD and MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong


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